About Us

Bestdefenseproducts.com was started in 2017 by Calvin & Judy Bernard. We seen a big increase
in crime all over the country and even in our own city. Everybody don’t like carrying a gun
everywhere they go but you should carry some type of protection. That’s where
Bestdefenseproducts.com can help. We carry all types of pepper spray: pocket, keychain,
lipstick, ballpoint pen, dye pepper spray, spy camera, security camera, stun guns, all types of
tazers. We also have a little device called “Child Guard” that will notify you when your child
get a adjustable distance from you. Nap alarm worn over your ears a makes a loud sound if your
head if your head nods forward.
Have you ever checked in a hotel and wonder if camera are watching you? We have Bug Detectors.
We have so many product to help you be safer or make your life better. Only a small percent of
people take time to protect themselves because they think it will never happen to them. Protect yourself
and family with product from Bestdefenseproducts.com.